King of Beasts

Today brings another goodie from the Patreon vault but, before we get to that, I want to be sure you know that this blog is soon going away. For good. Kind of.

When I started this blog many years ago I needed a place to publish my work without much consideration to presentation. It never looked great but it hasn’t aged well and it’s time I revamp the whole website. When I do that, many of the old blog posts will not be reposted on the new site (same URL as this blog). Please download anything you love from this blog to ensure you have it in the future! I encourage you to also sign up for my newsletter which will give monthly updates on projects coming up as well as blog posts on the new site. When you sign up, you’ll get a link for 50% my adventure, Keep of the Kobold Queen.

Newsletter Sign Up

Now onto the good stuff—another pugilist fight club! This time my patrons requested an animal themed pugilist. This was an interesting challenge because the class is so closely tied, thematically, to humanoid settlements. I ended up choosing to focus on the pugilist as a warrior who hits hardest when their back is against the wall (a theme introduced by the Bloodied but Unbowed feature in the class) and thought that fit in nicely with lycanthropic tropes. I married those together into the fight club, King of Beasts.

King of Beasts

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