Milo’s Birthday Gift of Everything

This November my son, Milo, turns two years old. If I could give him everything, I would. I can’t, so in addition to all the gifts he got from me and my wife, I thought I’d give some gifts to all my readers so they could join me in celebrating my endlessly charming, curious, and mischievous boy. For his birthday I created…

  • The conjure big truck spell, because we can never get into or out of a parking lot without spending a few extra minutes walking around looking for trucks
  • The spooky ghost race, because ever since mid-October whenever he sees a blanket he wants one of the two of us to put it on.
  • The Bathtub of Ambrosian Waters, a magic item that reflects Milo’s deep and abiding love for drinking bath water despite my constant protests.

Milo’s Birthday Gift of Everything

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