Sterling Vermin x Eldritch Foundry

When I created the pugilist class, I started with the idea of a fist fighter that shed the mysticism of the monk class and traded graceful control for raw power. As the class came into focus it became clear that a pugilist’s method of fighting was only an expression of a more powerful core concept: the heroism of society’s lower classes and marginalized peoples. Members of the pugilist class aren’t educated, like the wizard, and can’t afford fancy weapons and armor, like a fighter. Pugilists have to rely entirely on the mental and physical strengths they’ve forged over a lifetime of sweating and bleeding for what little they’ve got. It seems this archetype resonated with a lot of D&D players, becoming one of the most popular third party classes available for D&D 5e since its release.

Today I’m excited to announce I’ve partnered with Eldritch Foundry and you can now craft your own custom pugilist miniature. They’ve prepared a number of assets specifically to represent the iconic looks of pugilists and have plans to create even more. If you’ve played and enjoyed the class, or are looking forward to doing so, head on over to Eldritch Foundry and complete your pugilist character with a custom mini.

Start Building Your Pugilist Now!

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