The Summoner Class Returns!

The Summoner class first debuted on the blog almost TWO YEARS ago! For adventurers eager for an update, I’m sorry it took so long. For those just discovering the class, congratulations on skipping what was likely a very tedious break in development!

I initially started working on the Summoner class for a friend who wanted to play that character archetype and wasn’t satisfied with any official options to handle the concept. That campaign has long since ended but my deep and abiding love for pet classes compels me to see it through. If you’re familiar with the previous draft you’ll see a lot of similarities and a lot of differences.

The Summoner Class Returns

After you’ve read the Summoner class, consider the following questions and let me know what you think. You can comment on this post or catch me on any of the social media sites linked at the end of this post.

  • Does the Summon Eidolon feature address the primary fictional elements you’d want to see in a summoner class? If not, what’s missing?
  • Does the Summon Eidolon feature do a good enough job avoiding the pitfalls of a summoning focused class (providing too many opportunities for gameplay to slow to a crawl on the summoner’s turn) while still feeling potent for those playing the class?
  • What do you think about the class being a half-caster that refreshes spell slots on a short and long rest?

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7 thoughts on “The Summoner Class Returns!

  1. I honestly really like this idea in concept. I was a fan of the previous version as well. I’ve only had a few minutes to skim over the mechanics, so I won’t comment on those until I have more time to read them.

    The biggest problem I have with the class is actually one of flavor. The eidolons need more definition and a place in the world. What exactly are they? Are they created by the summoning ritual and therefore don’t exist until summoned? Their individual descriptions make them sound like unique entities, does that mean that only one summoner in the world can summon Titan at a time? If they aren’t unique and are not created by the magic of the summoning ritual then can a character run into a Garuda on the Plane of Air? These are creatures of presumably disparate origins, being elementals, fiends, fey, etc, so what ties them together as Eidolons?

    Understandably, this information is probably less important at this stage in the class’s development than getting the mechanics right. I just think it will be an important question to answer to place this class firmly in the lore of a game world.

    Still a very cool class though.


  2. I love it, I think that it definitely fulfils the Eidolonist fantasy.

    A few things feedback wise:

    – Spell slot recovery. I like that it’s a half-caster, but I think that it might be better to give it something more akin to the Wizard’s Arcane Recovery feature rather than refreshing like a Warlock. That feature works well for Pact Magic because the Warlock gets so few spell slots, whereas the Summoner gets many more. I think it’s good to recover some on short rests, because through use of Anima Flare and healing the Eidolon, you are more likely to burn through spell slots, but this might be a bit too powerful? My two cents anyways

    – Subclasses. I assume the full Summoner will have subclasses for Fey and Celestials, but that can be a bit more complicated because the spells for conjuring fey and celestial creatures are 6th and 7th level spells. I suppose Conjure Woodland Beings helps get around that for fey, but still. Additionally, I’d love to see an aberration based subclass, but I don’t think that any spell for conjuring aberrations currently exists. It’d be nice to see a few added for new spells, similar to Planar Rift, though information about what other classes can cast said spells would also be appreciated, or noted if some of them are Summoner exclusive, like Eldritch Blast is for Warlocks

    – I would take out the material component for Planar Rift

    – I understand Titan is likely slow because he’s big and limbering, but I kind’ve expect that given its size, but comparing it to an earth elemental (similar size and creature type), it could still have 30 ft. movement and be okay.

    – This is more a wishlist kind of thing, but I’d love to see a high level ability (17th-20th lv.) to use the Gate spell for like, ‘Grand Summons’ or something.


  3. Hello!! I just discovered this work recently and decided to run the class with a Curse of Strahd group. I hope this class is still being worked on as I’d be honored to help with the development process even by just relaying playtest info to you. I enjoy tinkering with class archetypes and mechanics and love the flavor of the summoner both from a final fantasy standpoint and the Pathfinder variation. Hope to hear from you soon!


  4. This seems really interesting, though I didn’t go over each Eidolon properly so I can’t really mention much about them, but I would like to suggest changing the wording of Might of the Master to better align with other classes with summons, such as the Artificer, but that may be just a bit nitpicky.

    Overall, I truly appreciate the direction this is going and it fills a niche that has been lacking in 5E since the beginning. I truly hope you continue working on this and add new sub classes for different monster types!


  5. Any news on the next version of this thing? it seems rather nice, but quite curious to see what, if anything new came out of it, or levels beyond the 10th! hoping for an update so I can actually present it to a gm to use it XD


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